Onaketa Inc. is an nonprofit in California.  

Our fiscal sponsor is Social Good Fund, a California 501(c)(3).

Donations are tax deductible.

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If you share Onaketa's vision and would like to make a larger investment, please join us in making that vision a new reality.  With your help, we can provide the resources and support that our students need to excel in school, college, and beyond.  



If you have experience tutoring or teaching, or if you have other expertise to offer, please contact us.  Together, we can turn our vision for underserved black and brown youth into a new reality.



If you represent a school or other organization that primarily hosts underserved students of color, please reach out to us about joining the Onaketa family.  We are committed to providing free educational services to underserved students of color from across the country.



If you are interested in getting STEM tutoring for yourself or your child, please fill out our simple application.  Note that our application period is open twice a year, during the months of August and December/January.  Our priority is to work with students of color from underserved, low-income communities and schools, in the 8th grade and above.